Forms of activity


  • Small hydropower plant ABC workshops – organized for over 800 participants
  • Specialist training – concerning power qualifications associated with the operation and supervision of power devices
  • Postgraduate studies – lectures conducted by TRMEW representatives nationwide

  • “Energetyka Wodna” (“Hydropower”) – a magazine published by TRMEW
  • Exposition of TRMEW at the Poleko, RENEXPO, Green Power, Enex and other fairs
  • Lectures at numerous conferences and seminars devoted to SHPs
  • The Hydro Power Session – a presentation of modern technologies dedicated to the representatives of the Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection, the Regional Water Management Board, technical universities and investors
  • HIDROENERGIA 2012 – co-organizer of the European Scientific Congress and of the fairs devoted to SHP

  • Participation in public consultations of draft legal acts
  • Participation in the work of the Parliamentary Commission on Energy Affairs
  • Participation in workgroups appointed by the Minister of Economy concerning the development of regulations for making barrages being the property of State Treasury available

  • Negotiation group – a common platform for the sale of electric power and property rights to certificates of origin
  • Group SHP insurances – a comprehensive insurance program including business interruption insurance
  • Annual meetings of the TRMEW General Assembly combined with fairs and technical conferences
  • Forum on the association’s website at

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