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TRMEW - the Polish Association for Small Hydropower Development

is the largest and oldest non-profit organization in the entire renewable energy industry in Poland. It brings together the owners and supporters of small hydropower plants. The history of the association goes back to the early 80s. It was formalized in 1988 when, on the initiative of the then President of the association, Marian Hoffman, it was officially registered. Over time the organization has undergone considerable development and currently has over 450 members who are both individuals and businesses

The Association operates both on the national and regional scale. It also has an extensive network of contacts with national and European research centers, companies and institutions of the industry. TRMEW closely collaborates, among others, with the European Small Hydropower Association (ESHA), the Polish Hydropower Association (TEW) and the the Polish Association of Renewable Energy (SEO). TRMEW is also a member of the Polish Coordination Board of RES. Many years of activity of TRMEW have rendered it a well -known and recognizable brand in the Polish central and local government, academic and economic environments.

The activity of our organization is focused on:

  • representation of small hydropower sector in the political arena
  • promotion and building of a positive image for the small hydropower industry
  • integration of the SHP environment by organizing industry meetings, conferences and training
  • education in the scope of small hydropower

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